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Ellie Goudie-Averill

PHOTO: Alan DiBerio / 2012

American Nostalgia (2012):

Group section premiered as at Conwell Theater, Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) and was developed by Goudie-Averill with Temple University’s Repertory III course.  The full work, which included the group section and two duets, was presented as a part of Go Together, a Philly Fringe performance with Pamela Vail at the Community Education Center in Philadelphia, PA.  (2012) The double duets were then performed at Movement Research at the Judson Church, New York City (2013).


American Nostalgia was first developed as a large group work, I think I no you from some Knowhere, with the students of the Repertory III course at Temple University.   Goudie-Averill then worked with professional dancers on the development of two duets that bookended the group work, which was also restaged on professional performers for the Fringe and Judson Church performances.  The piece explores our nostalgia for the recent past (50s-90s) and the ways in which culture is recycled and repeated, and features live music by the Temple University Percussion Ensemble.


“Goudie-Averill’s work… included moments of humor and wit and virtuosity… The live percussion and sense of community in the large group section of “American Nostalgia” ended the evening with a picture of the chaotic, dynamic machine that is humanity.”

- Kirsten Kaschock,

Forth (2014):  

Premiered as a trio at Group Motion’s Spiel Uhr series, which featured the work of company dancers, at the Community Education Center in Philadelphia.  The piece was then restaged on Dancers In Company, University of Iowa’s touring ensemble and performed on tour and in their home concert at Space Place Theater in Iowa City, IA (2015).


Forth is a work exploring vast landscapes, horizons, and the way that wide open spaces affect the body.  The piece features original music by Jonathan Canon, which was played live at the piece’s premiere.

PHOTO: Alan DiBerio / 2014

108 Hours of This (2011):  

Premiered at RoofTop Dances in Brooklyn, NY.  Performed at the Grab Bag Mini-Festival at the thefidget space, Philly Fringe, Philadelphia, PA.


The trio 108 Hours of This was commissioned by the RoofTop Dances curatorial team and was developed with dancers Beau Hancock and Marie Brown. Inspiration was taken from CA Conrad’s (Soma)tic Poetry Rituals, specifically one in which he listened to Chet Baker on loop for a solid week.  The work, which features music by Chet Baker and Donald Byrd, deals with notions of majesty, sex, and the age old question of chicken or egg.

PHOTO: Anna Adams Stark / 2011

Untitled Dance for Eleven (2017):  

Premiered at the Lied Center of Kansas, Lawrence.  This piece was created on students of University Dance Company at KU.  The piece was set to Steve Reich’s Music for Pieces of Wood, which was played live by the KU Percussion Ensemble, under the direction of Mike Compitello.

Hiding in Plain Sight (2016):  

This piece, choreographed in collaboration with Kristin Marrs, premiered at Space Place Theater, Iowa City, IA.  Marrs and Goudie-Averill worked with a dynamic cast of dance students at the University of Iowa to create a contemporary ballet to original music by then Iowa graduate student Paul Duffy.

VIDEO STILL: Gabe Patino / 2016