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Movement Score for The Blue Road

The Blue Road is a multi-year project that delves into modes of performance practice. This project began as an improvisational practice using 45 body landmarks to guide new movement pathways, with plans to develop this physical research into an evening length work.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 7.24.53 PM.jpg

Follow the initiations below to create unexpected physical pathways. Shifts of weight, locomotion, direction and level changes are at your discretion.  Pause frequently to recall where you have been. Breathing keeps the traveling gentle. This deep diving into the tracks of movement leads us in, keep that burrowing but also keep looking out too (internal commitment + external engagement). Work through the list until you lose interest. Start over if desired.

1) Right Heel.
2) Left Sitting Bone.
3) Mandible.
4) Left side of rib cage.
5) Elbows.
6) Navel.
7) Left ball of foot.
8) Crown of head.
9) Right thigh.
10) Thumb side, right hand.
11) Left clavicle.
12) Pelvic floor.
13) Right knee.
14) Thoracic Spine.
15) Left side of face.
16) Fingertips.
17) Buttocks.
18) Left ASIS.
19) Left upper arm.
20) Right forearm.
21) Left hip socket.
22) Left toes.
23) Occiput.
24) Pubic bone.
25) Both knees.
26) Heart.

27) Right Scapula
28) Diaphragm.
29) Right ear.
30) Wrists.
31) Left shin.
32) Right hip socket.
33) Tailbone.
34) Roof of mouth.
35) Palm of hands.
36) Left SI.
37) Left heel.
38) Kidneys.
39) Neck.
40) Front rim of pelvis.
41) Inside edge of left foot.
42) Stomach.
43) Both shoulders.
44) Ankles.
45) Back of hands.

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