VIDEO STILLS: Tori Lawrence / 2018


Stone Depot

Stone Depot is a collaboration between Ellie Goudie-Averill and Beau Hancock, who have been making dance together for 20 years. The company’s name comes from the Brooklyn loft (located above a stone factory) where they lived, rehearsed, and presented their first shared concerts.  Now based in both Philadelphia and NYC, Stone Depot is a container for their shared work and their personal choreographic projects.

VIDEO STILL: Tori Lawrence / 2018



Casual Friday, an evening length piece that took a lighthearted look at office culture and the embodiment of “work,” which premiered at the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts and was supported by the Lawrence Arts Center.

In the wings, a collaboration with book artist Anna Mavromatis and visual artist Nicole Donnelly presented as part of the Bodies of Text Festival, sponsored by the Philadelphia Center for the Book.



The Blue Road is a multi-year project that delves into modes of performance practice. This project began as an improvisational practice using 45 body landmarks to guide new movement pathways, with plans to develop this physical research into an evening length work.  Support from a Stockton University Research Grant (summer 2018) allowed Stone Depot to work with noted dance filmmaker Tori Lawrence on video and film studies. Stone Depot will continue their Blue Road investigations as artists in residence at The Farm, a dance residency space in Biddeford, Maine in summer 2019.

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GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Tori Lawrence / 2018